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  • Our technology support plans offer the most convenient way to keep all of your devices operating properly using advanced cloud technology AND a team of trained technicians in dedicated monitoring centers who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year!  
  • Off-Site support offers an unparalleled level of service for those times when something is not working properly.

  • There are three options for our Premium off-site support plans outlined below: 

247 Support Plans 1-4-19.png
  • Premium Plans may require additional hardware and/or additional configuration of your network for the highest levels of off-site service

Frequently Asked Questions:​


  • Why is there a subscription required for support?

    • Increasingly, the majority of the support requests we receive are caused by issues outside of our control, but typically can be resolved without coming to your home.  The equipment and cloud services we use to access systems require updates, maintenance, and personnel to sustain.  We support the systems we install by appointment during our normal business hours, but for those who want access to fast, proactive support around the clock, we have experienced technicians in monitoring stations across the U.S. available any time. 

  • What if I have an issue and I am not enrolled in a premium plan?

    • We will respond to your request during normal business hours and schedule a time to address it.

  • Can I just send a text when I have an issue?

    • If you're on a premium plan, sure!  You will be provided with a dedicated number to text around the clock.  After hours support is reserved exclusively for members of a premium support plan.

  • Can I wait until I have an issue before I enroll?

    • Yes and No.  You can enroll at any time, but we cannot provide 24/7 support to systems that aren’t enrolled BEFORE there is an issue.  Enrollment in a premium plan involves a detailed audit of your network and often requires a technician at your home to visually inspect and provision your system for 24/7 support.  

  • What is proactive monitoring and repair?

    • Proactive monitoring and repair means that the critical devices on your network are monitored by dedicated technicians 24/7 who will attempt to resolve any connectivity issues as soon as a problem is detected.  Issues are often resolved before you ever notice a problem.  It is included in the Enhanced and Enhanced+ plans.

  • What if my issue can't be resolved off-site?

    • The support technician will provide us with diagnostic details of your issue and we will schedule an on-site service call.

  • Does enrollment in a Premium plan cover on-site service as well?

    • No, however clients enrolled in a Premium plan will receive a preferred rate for on-site service calls.

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